2019 Demo Reel

DMP/ CG Environment 

Johnny Walker

Principles of Animation (group)

⊶Genre: Comedy, Humorous

⊶Release Date: 30 Apr 2014


As night came, death began its work. Tonight, death came to Johnny's room. As usual, death was doing his task, but he found Johnny sleepwalking, and regardless of how hard he stroke, sleepwalking Johnny was always able to dodge. Seeing that the sun was about to rise, death became desperate and began to lose his mind. When he found Johnny stopping by the window, he went to give him a deadly blow. Johnny opened the curtain, and suddenly, death was turned to ashes by the sunlight. Johnny stretched his body and started an ordinary good morning again.


⊶Main responsibilities

Participated in the discussion of plot and storyboard, designed different scenarios and different color configurations.