⊶Date: Jun 2015 - Jun 2016

⊶Genre:  Action, Sci-Fi

⊶Project: Field Study (group)

⊶Team: Titen

This short film drama of 18 minutes took my 10 person team one year to accomplish. The name of our team was Titen, which has the same pronunciation with “Titan”.

Titan means something giant and we have a giant dream.

This film demonstrated an extraordinary dream of 10 ordinary college students.



The government organizes an experimental project to divide evil from the spirit to decrease the

crime rate. Because of the serious illegal behavior of the main actor’s brother, he will be assigned to be an experimental body.

However, the main actor is the person in charge of the project. And the government comes to terms with the main actor that he should find out the method to divide evil from the spirit otherwise his brother needs to be sacrificed due to the failure of the experiment…

⊶Main responsibilities: Custume Designer/ Makeup Artist


From the initial stage, I participated in generating ideas for the main theme of the film, script writing and arrange the filming. After we completed the storyline, we moved on to props preparation and rented shooting venues and photographic equipment.

The arrangement of the process was extremely complicated.

And the identification certificates for different roles were one of the props I designed. Moreover, I was responsible for dealing with performers’ costume and make-up to match the character’s image to each plot. I made a lot of effort on preparing apparel and shoes.

However, different challenges started coming up as the shooting commenced, such as the operation of photographic equipment, the tacit understanding of site personnel, changeable weather and environmental conditions. It required consistent adjustment and arrangement in order to continue our filming.

Accounting to the limited number of personnel, each one of us had to carry so many tasks and it enabled me to participate in almost the whole process from radio, field notes, side shooting, to name a few.

During the process, it was a real assessment of my design skills and

shooting technology. Subsequently, it sharpened my problem-solving ability and made me understand the importance of interpersonal skills and communication.

This work was the final coursework before graduation. The one-year production was very tough but we were quite satisfied with our endeavors after we accomplished this work and missed the moments we had worked together.


▲The leading role's and the supporting role's identification card

Actor's brother the experimental object bracelet▼