Mixed Media Design (Group)


Integrated store design in the logo, menu, and peripheral items.


⊶The Brief

Our team combined celebration elements and used the color red, lanterns, cherries, flowers, and so on to design business cards, chopsticks, menu, table-top stand, paper bags, takeout lunch boxes, and fan.



After observation, we found that this Japanese restaurant offers cuisines similar to other stores and lacked uniqueness. We also discovered that the age group of current diners is older.



We helped the restaurant add the element of “celebration” to give it special highlight and distinctive features in the industry.



⊶The Target

Age: College students, Office workers
Educational Level: High school or above
Occupation/Economic Level: More than NT$10000 monthly income
Hobbies/Interests: Likes Japanese food and Japanese culture



a piece of flower cloth

a light bulb



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